Hurtigruten Cruises' Fram Review

Hurtigruten's Fram offers exploration cruises to the Arctic and Antarctica, New Enland, Canada, Iceland and Norway
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Fram Hurtigruten Cruises Profile

Public Rooms Fram Deck Plans
MS Fram Deck Plans
Lecture Room Onboard the MS Fram Hurtigruten
Lecture Room Onboard the MS Fram Hurtigruten
Observation Lounge Onboard the MS Fram Hurtigruten
Observation Lounge Onboard the MS Fram Hurtigruten
Exercise Lounge Onboard the MS Fram Hurtigruten
Exercise Lounge Onboard the MS Fram Hurtigruten

Fram Stats
Cruise Line: Hurtigruten Cruises
Ship Name: Fram
Ship Class/Group: Contemporary Exploration Cruise Ship
Ship Category: Small Ship Exploration Builders: Fincantieri Shipyard, Italy
Length: 374 Feet
Width: 66 Feet
Draft: 16.4 Feet
Speed: 16 Knots
Year Built: 2007
Year Entered Fleet: November, 2001
Country of Registry: Norway
Tonnage (GRT): 11,647
Pax (basis 2): 254
Max Pax (w/Uppers): 318
Passenger Decks: 6
Elevators: 2
Number of Crew: 75
Officers' Nationality: Norwegian
Cruise/Hotel Staff Nationality: Filipino

Total Staterooms: 127
Penthouse Suite / Suites: 24
Balcony Staterooms/Suites: 6
Ocean View, Large Window/Porthole: 73
Inside: 24
Crew Cabins: 41

Public Spaces
2 Lecture Rooms
Qilak Observation Lounge
Fram Science Center
Imaq Restaurant
Rooftop Terrace
Fitness Room
2 Hot Tubs
Outdoor Explorer Deck
Expedition Landing Area
Zodiac Boats for Exploration

Sample Staterooms - Actual Staterooms May Vary

Compact Inside Stateroom - Fram - Hurtigruten
Compact Efficient Inside Stateroom - MS Fram - Hurtigruten
Outside Porthole Stateroom - Fram
Outside Porthole Stateroom - MS Fram - Hurtigruten
Outside Picture Window Stateroom - Fram - Hurtigruten
Outside Picture Window Stateroom - Fram - Hurtigruten
Balcony Suite - MS Fram Hurtigruten
Balcony Suite - MS Fram - Hurtigruten


MS Fram

The original Fram was the most famous explorer ship of its time, and the achievements of her expeditions are unparalleled. MS Fram honors the heritage of the original Fram, using the most advanced technology and making her exceptionally well suited for expedition voyages in polar regions.

Fram means ‘forward’ – lifting expectations of the voyage at hand. MS Fram was built in 2007 with one mission in mind – to bring her guests closer to nature, wildlife and unforgettable experiences. The spacious outside decks include access to the very front of the ship – a great place to observe marine wildlife.

The ship is purpose built as an expedition vessel with a higher ice-class, chart drawing tools,ship depth sounding database, extractable forward sounding sonar, iceberg search lights, autonomous tracking system, oversized oil retention system for self-sufficiency, and a full ‘expedition tools-deck’ equivalent to a car-deck that holds 25 vehicles. We believe that as an explorer you need an ‘expedition base-camp’ that is comfortable – something that combines ‘all oceans capabilities’ with safety, flexibility and environmental friendliness. That’s Fram – simply the best expedition ship imaginable.

The observation lounge, with comfortable sitting areas at the top of the ship and large panoramic windows, gives you incredible views of nature. A pair of binoculars is installed for spotting wildlife and details of the ever changing landscape.

In the restaurant on deck 4, you can enjoy the finest cuisine. The floor has different levels, so no matter where your table is placed; there are views to the outdoors. The restaurant is located in the aft of the ship, on your way there you walk through an exhibition of original artefacts from the historic expeditions of Amundsen and Nansen. At the far end of the restaurant there is a balcony for taking pictures when wildlife show up during a meal. On deck 7 you will find a well-equipped fitness room, with its panoramic ocean view there is no better place to exercise. On top of the ship you can get warm and cosy in the sauna or bathe in one of the outdoor hot tubs. Let the warm water surround you while the icebergs float silently past the side of the ship.

With 127 cabins on MS Fram, you have a choice of comfortable cabins and a number of superior suites to choose from. Our suites are named after Norwegian polar heroes, MS Fram travels in the wake of these great explorers. We are very proud of the art commissioned for MS Fram – local artists from the Arctic have contributed to making her a modern masterpiece. The ‘tender pit’ is where we embark, fully dressed in suitable expedition and excursion gear, on our sturdy Polarcirkel boats to take you safely from ship to shore. The original Fram was a ship for broadening the understanding of the world – let the new MS Fram do the same for you.

FRAM MAJOR REFIT IN 2020 - HURTIGRUTEN PRESS RELEASE - November 28, 2018  – Hurtigruten, the world’s largest expedition cruise operator, is thrilled to announce a large-scale refurbishment project regarding Fram. Custom built for exploring the Arctic, Antarctica, and other destinations in Hurtigruten’s extensive expedition cruise program, this will be her first refurbishment since she was launched in 2007.

“The original Fram was the most famous ship of its time and kept pushing the frontiers in the golden age of polar expeditions. Our MS Fram was built to embrace that legacy. With this upgrade, she will keep setting the standard for expedition cruises, and deliver unparalleled, premium expedition experiences for her guests,” Hurtigruten CEO Daniel Skjeldam says.

The keel-to-mast upgrade will bring several new features to the ship; highlights include:

  • All cabins and suites will be fully refurbished. Using natural Scandinavian materials such as granite, oak, birch and wool, this will create a relaxed and stylish look and feel, and add to the premium onboard experience.

  • The main dining room will be converted into two restaurants:
    • Aune, with its use of natural elements in design will be the more informal of the two, and will serve Scandinavian food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
    • Lindstrøm, named after the favorite chef of Norwegian polar explorers, will be both a cocktail lounge and fine dining restaurant, with strong roots in traditional Norwegian cooking.
  • A brand-new signature Science Center will be packed with state-of-the-art technology and high-tech gadgets such as touch screens, science equipment and other interactive features. The “edutainment” area will be the place guests and staff meet, mingle and create a deeper understanding of the destinations MS Fram explores.
  • The forward-facing Qilak Observation Lounge will be completely refurbished and reemerge as Explorer Lounge and Bar. In addition to handcrafted cocktails, this area also serves unbeatable views. 

  • MS Fram will also undergo major technical upgrades during her extensive drydocking, including upgrading her engines to the highest environmental standards.

Reemerging as brand new in the spring of 2020, MS Fram will offer guests unparalleled expeditions in premium surroundings, with breathtaking views and unforgettable encounters with wildlife, nature and culture on destinations like the Arctic, Antarctica, the Northwest Passage and warmer waters such as the Caribbean and South America.

“We take our guests where other ships can’t, closer to nature with the special Hurtigruten edge. I spend most of my free time exploring and know the value of an expedition base that is safe, flexible and still offers premium comfort and experience to explorers,” says Skjeldam.