Meyer Werft Shipyard Shares Outlook for Coming Months / Years.


Published: March 03, 2021 - 12:01 AM

Meyer Werft Shipyard
Meyer Werft Shipyard in Papenburg Germany Predicts Challenging Years Ahead - Shown P&O Arvia In The Indoor Building Hall Papenburg Germany.

At the conveyance of Royal Caribbean's Odyssey of the Seas on Saturday February 26, 2021, the Managing Director of the Meyer Werft Shipyard made some comments about the outlook for the upcoming months and years ahead. COVID has certainly impacted their future cruise-ship orders as well as seriously delayed the ships already on order.

By stretching the order book, we are securing work in the long term but at a lower level each year. For the last and also the next five years, we will have 40% less work each year," said Jan Meyer, Managing Director of MEYER WERFT.

"We are working hard to adjust to this dramatic change in the situation. Even though some cruise ships will soon be able to sail again, this does not mean new orders by a long shot," adds Jan Meyer. Meyer Werft will not be able to expect any new orders for large cruise ships from its existing major customers for many years.

Another ship building yard, has discussed their conversation with a major cruise line about ordering new ships. The cruise line responded "We are focusing on trying to get the existing ships we have sailing again. New orders are not in our immediate future for atleast another 2 years.

Only time will tell how quickly the cruise lines can recover and gain financial stability. Even though the ships may all sail full for the next 1-2 years, they will be filled with passengers whose money has already been spent by the cruise line, since the majority will be passengers whose original cruise were canceled due to COVID. .


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