New York City Seriously Considers Chartering Cruise Ships to Use as Temporary Housing for Asylum Seekers from Mexico, Central and South America.


Published: September 19, 2022 - 12:01 AM

NYC Cruise Ship As Hotel
Mayor Eric Adams investigating using cruise ship as hotel for Asylum seekers.

The Mayor of New York - Eric Adams is looking at resurrecting a concept first considered by Former Mayor Mike Bloomberg to use cruise ships as floating hotels. Bloomberg considered using the ships to house the homeless while Adams is considering using the ship(s) to house the 12,000+ Asylum seekers that have been sent to New York City. The ships would be docked in Manhattan or Brooklyn and used as temporary housing until they find permanent housing and employment.

The use of cruise ships as hotels is not new. THe Netherlands just finished a charter of Holland America's Volendam to the City of Rotterdam to house Ukrainian Refugees,

The City of New York is expected to make a decision shortly, since the number of asylum seekers arriving from Texas daily, continues to grow. There are a number of cruise ships both active or awaiting buyers, that are suitable for this use. Many ships in operation today are NOT sailing at capacity so the plan may be beneficial to the City of New York, asylum seekers and the cruise lines.

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